Recorders at Large Vol 1


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Currency Press

Composer: Thorn - Benjamin

Instrumentation: Descant/Treble

Period/genre: Mixed

Grade: Moderate - Difficult

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*34 Australian Compositions and Arrangements*. This publication aims to introduce Australian composition at a fairly simple level to students of the recorder. It includes various composers including Michael Atherton, Lance Eccles, Ross Edwards, Russell Gilmour, Michael Hannan, Mary Mageau, Suzanne Palmer-Holton, Larry Sitsky, Benjamin Thorn and Stephen Yates.

Part I is a series of short pieces written to explore both recorder technique and different aspects of contemporary music eg functional dissonance, use of various types of scale and mode, atonality, range of rhythms, metrical and non-metrical music and use of some modern timbral techniques. Part II contains more extensive pieces that cover a range of musical styles.

Includes composer biographies, preface, introduction, brief performance notes on each piece and glossary of unusual techniques and notations.

1. Thorn, "Twinkling Variations"
2. Thorn, "Phrygian Organum"
3. Thorn, "Dissonance!"
4. Thorn, "Locrian Canon
5. Thorn, "Mixolydian Canan"
6. Mageau, "Crazy Clock"
7. Thorn, "Lydian Hockett"
8. Atherton, "Three Fipples"
9. Thorn, "Clouds"
10. Thorn, "Upside or Down / Downside or Up"
11. Thron, "In Twos or Threes"
12. Thorn, "Duet for One"
13. Thorn, Minimal Growth"
14. Sitsky, "Asymmetry"
15. Thron, "Echoes"
16. Thorn, "Grunt Piece"
17. Thorn, "Dividing the Beat"
18. Thorn, Twelve Tones"
19. Thorn, "Birdcall on One Fingering"
20. Thorn, "Crunchy Music!"
21. Thorn, "Dawn Chorus"
22. Mageau, "A Sad Song"
23. Palmer-Holton, "Round Dance"
24. Yates, "Duet"
25. Edwards, "Two Duets"
26. Yates, "Shoes and Socks"
27. Thorn, "Exotic Dances"
28. Gilmour, "Point II"
29. Yates, "Divertimento"
30. Atherton, "Paidushka"
31. Eccles, "Pigs with Wigs"
32. Atherton, "Lilting"
33. Mageau, "Doubles: Dorian Pair"
34. Hannan, "Island Song"

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