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The Jacobean Collection


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    *18 Renaissance Dances and Pieces* by various composers. Includes introductory notes in English only.

    1. Almain "The Choice" (Anthony Holborne)
    2. Galliard " Wantan" (AH)
    3. Galliard "Heigh ho holiday" (AH)
    4. Pavan " (AH)
    5. Galliard "The Sighs" (AH)
    6. Almain (John Coperario)
    7. Masquing Ayre 10 (John Adson)
    8. Masque Tune (Anon)
    9. Masquing Ayre 2 (JA)
    10. The Nobleman (Anon)
    11. "Lachrimae" Pavan (John Dowland)
    12. "Susanne" Galliard (JD)
    13. Alman (Orlando Dowland)
    14. Corato (JD)
    15. The Humming Bachelor (Anon)
    16. The Merry Clarke (Anon)
    17. Dr. Bull~~~~~s Ground (John Bull)

    _Score 22 pp. Part 8 pp._

    Period/Genre Renaissance
    Composer Surname Various Composers
    Grade Moderate
    Instrumentation Treble Recorder with Continuo

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