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Descant + Accompaniment

River Dances


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    *Ten Dance Movements.* Includes a page of information on composer in English.

    *River Dances*
    1. Prologue (Con Rubato)
    2. Castle Mill (Allegretto)
    3. Dunham Town (Andantino, but flowing)
    4. Kentworthy~~~~~s Mill (Allegro risoluto)
    5. Sunbark Wood (Quasi recitative-con rubato)
    6. Ashley Mill (Giocoso)
    7. Pigley Stairs (Scherzando:molto ritmico)
    8. Ross Mill (Andantino)
    9. The Swan WIth Two Nicks (Tempo di valse)
    10. Epilogue (Con rubato)

    _Score 23 pp. Parts 12 pp._

    Composer First Name Martin
    Composer Surname Ellersby
    Grade Difficult
    Instrumentation Recorder with Piano

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