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Descant + Accompaniment

Dances and Country Dances for Melody Instrument from the collection of Antony Pointel (1688)


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    *Six Baroque Suites.* Includes Preface in French, English and German.

    *Suite in g minor*
    1. Entree
    2. Courante
    3. Dite Moy Ianeton
    4. Menuet
    5. Passepied Nouveaux
    6. Gigue Nouvelle

    *Suite in C Major*
    1. Courante
    2. La Marche Angloise
    3. Menuet
    4. Passepied
    5. Chaconne
    6. Bouree

    *Suite in G Major*
    1. Entree Nouvelle
    2. La Marche Des Dragons
    3. L~~~~~Isabel
    4. Menuet
    5. L~~~~~Escossoise
    6. La Valentine

    *Suite in B flat Major*
    1. Courante
    2. Les Dames De Londre (Thomas D~~~~~Urfey)
    3. Rigodon (Jean-Baptiste Lully)
    4. Bouree, Deuxieme Air Du Rigodon (Jean-Baptiste Lully)
    5. Menuet
    6. L~~~~~Argentine

    *Suite in C Major*
    1. Prendo Do
    2. La Vigne
    3. L~~~~~Opera
    4. Sawnay(Thomas Farmer?)
    5. Plaisir Venez Sans Crainte (Jean-Baptiste Lully
    6. La Gigue Du Roy

    *Suite in d minor*
    1. Rigodon Nouveaux
    2. Tricotes
    3. Menuet
    4. Menuet
    5. Galliarde, La Patetique
    6. Les Macabees

    _Score 39 pp. Parts 15-20 pp._

    Publisher All Publishers
    Period/Genre Baroque
    Composer Surname Various Composers
    Grade Moderate
    Instrumentation Descant or Treble Recorder with Continuo
    Composer Letter V

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