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The Delayed Flute


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    *Suite of Eleven Contemporary Pieces.* Includes Epilogue in German, French and English. Playing Instructions for each of the pieces, Explanation of the Symbols and Composer Information. In "The delayed flute", the delay-affect is applied to the different recorders and used various delay- times. Delay affects memorise the oringinal signals then play them back forming a harmonising affect; Technical equipment is required (1. Active Speaker 2. a delay- affect pedal or multi-affect pedal 3. a microphone).

    1. Tuhiti
    2. Vent celique
    3. Contra-punctur
    4. Delaying
    5. Na zdrownie
    6. RFX 300
    7. Hommage an Hildegard von Bingen
    8. The Guru Guy
    9. Lost in Space
    10. Who~~~~~s Bar Three
    11. Basisubungen (Basic Exercises)

    _Score 22 pp._

    Period/Genre b.1976
    Composer First Name Annette
    Composer Surname Ziegenmeyer
    Grade Difficult - Very Difficult
    Instrumentation Recorder player + delay

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