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Repertoire for Music Schools Vol 1b


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    ORB2017 Set Work - Plum.

    *41 Pieces from Around the World and from Different Periods.* Includes preface and appendix in English, German, French and Spanish.

    57. Gervaise, "Pavane, La Venissiene"
    58. Susato, "Danse de Berger"
    59. Attaignant, "Bransle"
    60. Phalese, "Bransle"
    61. Dowland, "Tarleton~~~~~s Jigg"
    62. Philips, "Galliard"
    63. Byrd, "La volta"
    64. Planson, "La rousee du joly mois de may"
    65. Cazzati, "Balletto"
    66. Cazzati, "Corrente"
    67. Uccellini, "Corrente"
    68. Uccellini, "Aria"
    69. Falconiero, "Il Rosso"
    70. Falconiero, "Il Spiritillo"
    71. Anon., "Mascarada"
    72. Lully, "Marche"
    73. Anon., "La Cloris"
    74. Purcell, "Dance"
    75. Purcell, "Canaries"
    76. de Visee, "Pastoralle"
    77. Handel, "Menuet"
    78. Handel, "Gigue"
    79. Handel, "Menuet"
    80. Bach, "Menuet"
    81. Charpentier, "Joseph est bien marie"
    82. de Lalande, "Notre bon pere Noe"
    83. de Lalande, "Or, dites-nous, Marie"
    84. Lalande, "Cette journee chantons Noel"
    85. de Lalande, Vous, qui desirez sans fin"
    86. Monteclair, "Carillon du moutier"
    87. Anon., "An Italian Ground"
    88. Finger, "Sonata"
    89. Williams, "Sonata"
    90. Mozart, "Allegro"
    91. Haydn, "Menuetto"
    92. Anon., "Nachtegael"
    93. Anon., "Prins Robberts Masco"
    94. Lully, "Ritournelle"
    95. Lully, "Ritournelle"
    96. Purcell, "Symphony"
    97. Marais, "Suite"

    _Score 42 pp. Parts 15-42 pp._

    Publisher All Publishers
    Arranger Janos Bali
    Period/Genre Mixed
    Composer Surname Various Composers
    Grade Easy - Moderate
    Composer Letter V
    Composer Name Various

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