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Recorder Collections and Anthologies

The Consort Collection: Volume II: 36 Pieces for 5 Recorders


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    *36 arrangements* for recorder quintet. Includes extensive introductory and performance notes.

    1. Compere, Virgo Celesti
    2. Anon., Hor Oirez Une Chanson
    3. Senfl, Patientlam Muss Ich Han
    4. Bruck, So Trinken Wir Alle
    5. Anon., Pavane "La Garde"
    6. Anon., On A Mal Dit De Mon Amy
    7. van Wilder, Je Fille Quant Dieu
    8. Anon., Si Amores Mean De Matar
    9. Rimonte, De La Piel De Sus Ovejas
    10. Anon., Bransle En Fauxbourdon
    11. Brothers, Allemande & Recoup "Tant Que Vivray"
    12. Tye, Rubum Quem
    13. Si Je Trespasse
    14. Che Fa Oggi Il Mio Sole
    15. Gibbons, The Silver Swan
    16. Anon., A Toy
    17. Anon., Sweet Was The Song
    18. Morely, Now Is The Month Of Maying
    19. Playford, All In A Garden Green
    20. Mico, Pavan
    21. Anon., The Withces Dance
    22. Brade, Scottish Dance
    23. Thomkins, Pavan
    24. Deering, Almaine
    25. Sommer, Paduana
    26. Harding, Galliard
    27. after Playford, Rufty Tufty
    28. Demantius, Polish Dance
    29. Widmann, Canzon "Ein Treues Hertz"
    30. Haussmann, Allemande "So Ben Ch~~~~~ha Bon Tempo"
    31. Widmann, Intrada
    32. Haussmann, Allemande
    33. Monteverdi, Ballo from Orfeo
    34. Monteverdi, Ritornello & Moresca from Orfeo
    35. Pezel, Intrada
    36. Lully, Rondeau Pour Le Charivari

    _Score 59 pp._

    Arranger Larry Bernstein
    Composer Surname Various Composers
    Grade Moderate
    Instrumentation Various Combinations of Descant, Treble Recorder, Tenor + Bass Recorders

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