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The Recorder Consort 3


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    *40 Pieces for Recorder Consort* mostly from the Mediaeval, Renaissance & Baroque Periods for recorder consort. Includes notes by the editor and a fingering chart.

    1. 14th Century, "Estampie"
    2. 14th Century, "Estampie"
    3. Hume, "Life"
    4. 16th Century, "Woodycock"
    5. 14th Century, "Lamento di Tristana and La Rotta"
    6. 13th Century, "Pange melos lacrimosum"
    7. School of Notre Dame, "Domino"
    8. Piero, "Ogni Diletto e ogni"
    9. 13th Century, "Instrumental Motet"
    10. Loeillet, "Largo"
    11. Chedeville, "Two Rigaudons"
    12. Chedeville, "Musette"

    13. 13th Century, "S~~~~~on me regarde"
    14. Arcadelt, "Nous voyons que les hommes"
    15. Arcadelt, "J~~~~~ay tant bon credit"
    16. Arcadelt, "Encontre moy en douceur"
    17. Anon., "Die Katzen Pfote"
    18. Morton, "Est temps"
    19. 13th Century, "Alle psallite"

    20. Praetorius, "Renaissance Dance Suite"
    21. 16th Century, "L~~~~~arboscello ballo furlano"
    22. Banchieri, "La Feliciana"
    23. Susato, "Dance"
    24. Rossi, "Sinfonia"
    25. Gervaise, "Bransle"
    26. Susato, "Shepherd~~~~~s Dance"
    27. Gervaise, "Bransle de Bourgone"
    28. Gervaise, "Bransle de Champagne"
    29. Rossi, "Sinfonia"
    30. Claudin, "Allez Souspirs"
    31. 16th Century, "Tripla"
    32. Susato, "Il etait une fillett"

    33. Brade, "Coranto"
    34. Praetorius, "Ballet des coqs"
    35. Holborne, "The Choice"
    36. Carubel, "Two Bransles"
    37. Holbourne, "Fruit of Love"
    38. Dowland, "The King of Denmark~~~~~s Galliard"
    39. Peerson, "Alman"
    40. Coperario, "Fantasia"

    _Score 73 pp._

    Arranger Steve Rosenberg
    Period/Genre Mixed
    Composer Surname Various Composers
    Grade Easy - Moderate
    Instrumentation 1-5 Recorders

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