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The Recorder Consort 2


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    *44 Pieces for Recorder Consort.* A collection of pieces solos to sextets, primarily of the Medieval, Renaissance and Baroque periods.

    1. 14th Century, "Estampie Real"
    2. Van Eyck, "Meysje Wilje"
    3. Cosma, "Prelude"
    4. Pepush, "Prelude"
    5. 14th Century, "Esatmpie"
    6. 14th Century, "Cnanconeta Tedesca"
    7. de Vois, "Spanish pavane"

    8. Lemin, "Conuerte nos"9. 13th Century, "Estampie"
    10. Purcell, "Adagio"
    11. Forster, "Ich sag ade"
    12. Naudot, "Babiole"
    13. Naudot, "Contredanse"
    14. Naudot, "Bouree"
    15. Buterne, "Allegro"
    16. Morley, "Fantasia"
    17. 13th Century, "Ductia"
    18. Piero, "Chavalcando con un giovine accorto"
    19. Van Eyck, "More Palatino"

    20. 17th Century, "The Nightingale"
    21. Morley, "Canzonetta"
    22. 15th Century, "Tappster, Dryngker"
    23. Codex, "Quant Voi"
    24. Brumel, "Je despite tous"
    25. Turnhout, "Adesto dolori meo"26. Lupo, "Fantasia"
    27. 13th Century, "Veris ad Imperia"

    28. Attaignant, "Bransle"
    29. Susato, "Parade de Bouffons"
    30. Gervaise, "Pavane de la Guerre"
    31. Gervaise, "Gaillarde de la Geurre"
    32. Rossi, "Canzon"
    33. Susato, "Danse de Berger"
    34. de Terte, "Bransle"
    35. Antegnati, "La Battera"
    36. Gervaise, "Pavane - La Venissiene"

    37. de Terte, "Pavane"
    38. de Terte, "Gaillarde"
    39. Bassano, "Galliard"
    40. Dowland, "The Earl of Essex Galliard"
    41. Okeover, "Pavan"
    42. Phillips, "Galliard"
    43. Dowland, "Captaine Digore Piper His Gaaliard"

    44. Adson, "Royal Wind Music"

    _Score 63pp._

    Arranger Steve Rosenberg
    Period/Genre Mixed
    Composer Surname Various Composers
    Grade Easy - Moderate
    Instrumentation 1-6 Recorders

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