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The Recorder Consort - 44 pieces


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    *Collection of 44 Consort Pieces.* Simple pieces for solo to quintet, from all periods Mediaeval to Contemporary. Includes a fingering chart and notes written by the editor.

    1. Susato, "La Mourisque"
    2. Susato
    3. 16th Century, "Ungaresca"
    4. Michael Praetorius
    5. Michael Praetorius, "Philou"
    6. 13th Century, "Dance Royale

    7. Thomas Tallis, "Canon"
    8. Gervaise, "Bransle"
    9. 16th Century, "Under the Linden Tree"
    10. c. 1250, "Pucelete"
    11. Gervaise, "Allemande"
    12. Esprit Philippe Chedeville, "Noel"
    13. 17th Century, "Musette"
    14. Henry Purcell, "Imitation"
    15. Henry Purcell, "Canon"
    16. JB de Boismortier, "Bransle"
    17. 13th Century, "Ductia"
    18. Pierre Certon, "Duo"
    19. 13th Century, "Ductia"

    20. Walter Odington, "Rondella"
    21. Arcadelt, "Je ne me conferscery point"
    22. Gervaise, "Allemande"
    23. Susato, "Dance"
    24. 16th Century, "Under the Linden Tree"
    25. c. 1250, "Pucelete"
    26. Spanish 16th Century, "Sol sol gi gi ABC"
    27. Harmonie Universal Muserre, "Trio for recorders"
    28. Spanish 16th Century, "Minni Amor"
    29. Susato, "Ronde"
    30. Henry VIII, "Pastime with good company"
    31. William Cornish, "Ah Robin, gentle Robin"
    32. William Cornish, "Trolly lolly"
    33. Christopher Demantus, "Dance"

    34. Gervaise, "Bransle"
    35. Thoinot Arbeau, "Belle qui tiens ma vie"
    36. Phalese, "Putta Nera Ballo"
    37. Susato, "Pavane"
    38. Susato, "Allemande"
    39. Gervaise, "Allemande"
    40. Susato, "Ronde"
    41. Thomas Bateson, "The nightingale in silent night"
    42. Peter Schlthorpe, "Sun Song"

    43. John Dowland, "Mr George Whitehead, his almand"
    44. John Rimmer, "Mirror-pond"

    _Score 44 pp._

    Publisher All Publishers
    Arranger Steve Rosenberg
    Period/Genre Mixed
    Composer Surname Various Composers
    Grade Moderate
    Composer Letter V
    Composer Name Various

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