A Birthday Album for the Society of Recorder Players


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Composer: Various

Instrumentation: Various Combinations of Recorders - some with Voice - or Piano.

Period/genre: Contemporary

Grade: Moderate - Difficult

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*50 Fantastic Pieces* collected as a birthday album for The Society of Recorder Players. It is rare to stumble across a publication as fantastic as this. Most of the works included are facsimile copies from the composer or arranger~~~~~s hand. Many of the works have introductory notes which are again handwritten. From the outside this looks like a rather conservative music book which secrets the wonderful gems hidden inside.

1. Arnold Cooke, "Arietta"
2. Alan Ridout, "Pastorale"
3. Thomas Pitfield, "Three Pieces"
4. arr. Nicholas Marshall, "All in a Garden Green"
5. Offenbach, arr. Cambridge Buskers, "Gaite Parisienne"
6. Hans Gal, "Moment Musical"
7. John Turner, "Sardana"
8. Arnold Dolmetsch, "Three Duos"
9. arr. Percy Garinger, "Country Gardens"
10. Geoffrey Winters, "Strollers"
11. Ross Edwards, "Duet"
12. Alan Bullard, "Sprightly Scherzo"
13. Paul Clark, "Alperos"
14. Timothy Moore, "Siciliana"
15. Michael Short, "Caprice"16. Seymour Barab, "Moto Perpetuum"
17. arr. Percy Grainger, "Lisbon"
18. Colin Hand, "A Birthday Song and Dance"
19. June Wilson and Edgar Gordon, "Five English Folk Songs"
20. Joe Garland, arr. Hans Maria Kneihs, "In the Mood"
21. David Munrow, "Birds on the Wing"
22. Rameau, arr. Gene Reichenthal, "Minuet"
23. arr. Alan Davis, "Brigg Fair"
24. Colin Touchin, "Fanfare for Fifty"
25. Pierre Canican Philidor, arr. Edgar Hunt, "Marche du Regiment de la Calote"
26. Mozart, arr. W. L. Wngland, "Mirror Canon No. 1"

_Score 96 pp._

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