The Recorder Consort 4


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Boosey & Hawkes

Composer: Various

Arranger: Steve Rosenberg

Instrumentation: Descant/Treble/Tenor/Bass - various combinations

Period/genre: Mixed

Grade: Easy - Moderate

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*40 Recorder Consort Pieces* mostly from the Mediaeval, Renaissance & Baroque Periods for recorder consort. Includes notes by the editor and a fingering chart.

1. Anon., "La manfredina"
2. Anon., "La rotta della manfredina"
3. van Eyck, "Onder de Linde Grogne"
4. Irish folk tune, "Boys of Bluehill"
5. Purcell, "Prelude"
6. O~~~~~Carolan, "O~~~~~Carolan~~~~~s Concerto"

7. Certon, "Je nose estre content"
8. Handel, "Menuet"
Naudot, "Suite"
9. Gracieusement
10. Sauteuse
11. Morley, "Fantasie ~~~~~Il Grillo~~~~~"
12. Morley, "Loe Heere Another Love"
13. Purcell, "Allemande de M. Purcell"

14. de la Torre, "Danza alta"
15. Marais, "Rondeau"
16. Anon., "Passo media"
17. Morley, "Whither Away So Fast?
18. Dufay, "Se la face ay pale"
19. de Sermisy, "C~~~~~est grand malheur"

20. Gervaisse, "Suite of Bransles de Champagne"
21. Praetorius, "Ballet"
22. Sandrin, "Coulce memoire"
Phalese, "Suite of Three Dances"23. Gaillarde au joly boys
24. Passomezzo d~~~~~Italye
25. Gaillarde d~~~~~Ecosse
26. de Sermisy, "Tant que vivray"
27. Praetorius, "Courante"
28. Praetorius, "Ballet"
29. de Sermisy, "Au joly bois"
30. Praetorius, "Branle double"
31. Praetorius, "The Light of Love"
32. Anon., "Packington~~~~~s Pound"
33. Maniero, "Ballo francese"
34. de Sermisy, "Dont vient cela"
35. Anon., "Daphne"

36. Holborne, "Almaine"
37. Bateman, "The Carnation"
38. Brade, "The Nightingale"
39. Praetorius, "Branle de la torche"
40. Holborne, "The Fairie Round"

_Score 59 pp._

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