Sheet Music for Recorder Trios

Lima Lagu


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    Lima Lagu (“Five Pieces”) is a work for one to three recorders which explores Indonesian scales. Comes with in depth notes on composer, pieces and performance notes. 

    I. Saih Angklung for solo recorder

    II. Pelog Lima for solo recorder

    III. Slendro Nem for two recorders

    IV. Pelog Barang for three recorders

    V. Pelog Nem for three recorders

    _Score 23 pp._

    Publisher All Publishers
    Period/Genre Contemporary
    Composer First Name Gareth
    Composer Surname Farr
    Grade Moderate - Difficult - Very Difficult
    Instrumentation 3 Trebles
    Composer Letter F
    Composer Name Farr - Gareth

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