Twenty Contemporary Musical Excursions


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Flautando Edition

Composer: Mabry - Drake

Instrumentation: Treble/2 Trebles/3 Trebles

Period/genre: 20th Century

Grade: Difficult

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*Twenty Contemporary Excursions.* These great pieces are a wonderful introduction to contemporary techniques such as quarter tones, multiphonics and glissandos etc. These works were originally written for soprano recorders but they may be played on F recorders using C fingerings. In many cases, the same piece may be played a solo, duet or ensemble. These pieces may be included in the normal teaching program and are also perfect for workshops where players may have very different levels and experience.

1. Mobile I SDE
2. Mobile II SDE
3. Mobile III SDE
4. Accelerando/Crescendo SDE
5. Ritardanto/Diminueando SDE
6. Staccato Meters DE
7. Legato Meters DE
8. Memories SDE
9. Trills DE
10. Canon DE
11. Cadenzas DE
12. Waltz DE
13. Percussion DE
14. Glissandos DE
15. Breezes DE
16. Vibratos DE
17. Quarter-Tones DE
18. Multiphonics DE
19. Low Budget Renaissance Choir DE
20. Silent Durations XLIX DE

Key; S=Solo, D=Duet, E=Ensemble

_Score 26 pp._

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