Dawn and Dusk Book 2


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Orpheus Music

Composer: Clarke - Zana

Instrumentation: Descant/Treble

Period/genre: Australian Contemporary

Grade: Moderate - Difficult

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*Contemporary Piece.* Collection of original melodies for descant and treble recorders around AMEB standard 3, 4 & 5.

1. Apple Blossom (Descant)
2. Charles St (Descant)
3. Sunday Sunday (Treble)
4. Escapade (Descant)
5. The Mulberry Tree (Treble)
6. Oscillation (Descant)
7. Dance Under the Casuarine Tree (Descant)
8. Pilgrim (Treble)
9. Rushna (Descant)
10. Jo Jo (Treble)
11. Silkrim (Treble)
12. Valley of the Kings (Descant)
13. The Fox (Treble)
14. Sand Dance (Treble)
15. Midnight Clover (Descant)
16. Wild Strawberry Sweet I & II (Descant)
17. Once upon a time (Treble)
18. Waiting by the Sea (Treble)
19. Shadow Dancer (Descant)

_Part 27 pp._

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  • OMP007 Zana Clarke Dawn & Dusk - A Recorder Songbook (Book 2)

    This diverse array of recorder 'songs' (without words) by Zana Clarke captures the essence of one of Orpheus Music's Major objectives - 'to foster the growth of melodic music'. But thankfully it is far from being a collection of predictable and tiresome 'Go Tell Aunt Nancy' descant tunes.

    Clarke's nineteen original compositions draw from her rich musical experiences in the ensembles Cantigas (mediaeval potpourri) and Nardoo (original cross-cultural). The melodies range from the relatively straightforward diatonic of Apple Blossom in 3/4 to the 'Arabic' modes of Rushna in 7/4. Clarke's great achievement throughout is that the structured and notated melodies still retain a refreshing allusion to spontaneous improvisation.

    Regardless of the apparent complexity of some time signatures, and the delightful and challenging angularity and unpredictability of some melodies, all of the music is accessible to the recorder player of intermediate skills and above (Clarke states that the level aimed at is grade 3-5 AMEB standard). And some of the melodies are really stunningly beautiful.

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