Where`s the other one?


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    *Contemporary Piece.* Three short lively pieces, with interesting rhythmic and melodic development, using two recorders at once. Uses the two recorders both in parallel motion and in counterpoint. Always very popular with audiences.

    1. Where`s the other one
    2. Gently
    3. (Allegro)

    _Part 4 pp._

    Publisher Orpheus Music ,All Publishers
    Period/Genre Australian Contemporary
    Composer First Name Benjamin
    Composer Surname Thorn
    Grade Difficult
    Composer Letter T
    Composer Name Thorn - Benjamin

    OMP003 Benjamin Thorn Where's the other one?

    Where's the other one is a three movement work, its outer movements being characterized by fast tempos, changing meters, and the continuous altering of a brief melodic shape.  The middle movement is more through-composed and less rhythmic.  Though the compass of notes available in a piece for two recorders played by a single performer (thus the witty title) is very small, Thorn manages to get quite a lot from the situation by using the instruments in counterpoint as well as parallel motion.

    Pete Rose, American Recorder January 1999 Vol. XXXX no.1

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