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Behind My Right Shoulder


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    *Contemporary Piece.* Evocative and melodic. Melodic invention is both free form and rhythmic. Uses a range of timbral effects combining the voice with the recorder and two recorders simultaneously (mainly in parallel motion). Probably most suitable for a female voice.

    1. Behind My Right Shoulder

    _Part 15 pp._

    Period/Genre Contemporary
    Composer First Name Zana
    Composer Surname Clarke
    Grade Very Difficult
    Instrumentation Descant or Treble Recorder with Voice

    OMP001 Zana Clarke Behind My Right Shoulder

    Zana Clarke is a professional recorderist and teacher in New South Wales.  Her wafting music might generally be categorized as "New Age" and some of her statements in these editions ("like a face upon water colored by the sun, shadow and wind", for example) reflect that incense-like esthetic.  Behind My Right Shoulder is a long and highly eclectic piece that includes imitations of Gregorian chant, free organum between the recorder and recorder player's voice, minimal music, parallel organum between two recorders, and one solo recorder section.

    Pete Rose, American Recorder January 1999 Vol. XXXX no.1

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