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Sheet Music for Recorder Trios

La Gamba


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    *An arrangement of variations and improvisations from 16-17th century music*.

    La Gamba, also called la Cara Cossa is a 16th and 17th century chord pattern used for variations and improvisations. There are well-known compositions on this pattern by D. Ortiz and V. Ruffo. The pattern is closely related to the somewhat later La Follia.  

    This version is for three recorders - G-treble, tenor and bass. 

    _Score 14 pp. 3 x 4 pp._

    Arranger La Fontegara Amsterdam
    Period/Genre Arrangement of 16th and 17th century music
    Composer Surname Various
    Grade Easy - Moderate - Difficult
    Instrumentation G-treble, tenor and bass

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