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Old Dances


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    *20 Dances* by composers including Susato, Playford. Rusener, Hotteterre.

    1. Susato, Round 

    2. Susato, German Dance
    3. Susato, Round
    4. Playford, Pea Picking
    5. Susato, German Dance
    6. Playford, The Kettle Drum
    7. Reusner, Gavotte
    8. Reusner, Sarabande I
    9. Reusner, Sarabande II
    10. Playford, Curlyhead
    11. Playford, Gigue12. Playford, Devil~~~~~s Nag
    13. Reusner, Gavotte
    14. Playford, Henry Purcell~~~~~s Tune
    15. Hotteterre, Menuett
    16. Hotteterre, Sarabande
    17. Hotteterre, Menuett I
    18. Hotteterre, Menuett II
    19. Susato, Shepherd~~~~~s Tune
    20. Susato, Shepherd~~~~~s Dance

    _Score only 14pp_

    Period/Genre Baroque
    Composer Surname Various Composers
    Grade Moderate
    Instrumentation Treble Recorder with Guitar

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