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First Repertoire Pieces


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    *Eleven Compositions for the Intermediate Recorder Player.* This collection is made up carefully selected compositions which would be suitable for an intermediate player. Includes introductory notes in German, French, English and Chinese.

    1. Gervaise, "Two Dances"
    2. Susato, "Two Dances"
    3. Holborne, "Two Almains"
    4. Anon., "Two Masque Dances"
    5. Lupo, "Shewes and Nightly Revels from Lord Hay~~~~~s Masque"
    6. Anon., "Divisions on an Italian Ground"
    7. Courteville, "Largo from Sonata in C"
    8. Handel, "Adagion & Presto from Sonata in g minor Op. 1, No. 3"
    9. Loeillet, "Largo from Sonata in G Op. 1, No. 3"
    10. Marcello, "Adagion & Allegro from Sonata in d minor Op. 2, No. 2
    11. de Lavigne, "Gracieusement from Sonata in G, La Persan, Op. 2, No. 5

    _AMEB GRADE 3, GRADE 4 List B Treble_

    _Score 23 pp. Part 12 pp._

    Arranger Steve Rosenberg
    Period/Genre Mixed
    Composer Surname Various Composers
    Grade Moderate
    Instrumentation Treble Recorder with Piano

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