Cherub's Dance


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Orpheus Music

Composer: Jeffery - Jason

Instrumentation: Treble + Guitar

Period/genre: Australian Contemporary

Grade: Difficult

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*Lively Rhythmic Piece.*

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  • YCS010 Jason Jeffrey Cherub's Dance

    In Cherub's Dance, Jeffrey uses the guitar strictly to accompany, playing a pattern in five that is rhythmically identical to what Dave Brubeck played on Take Five.  Jeffrey's harmony may be considered neo-tonal, but really comprises unresolved tonal suspensions and sudden, unprepared modulations.

    Against this accompaniment, the recorder plats a melody that sounds like an improvisation, though it is not at all jazz-related.  It's like noodling - or, to be more specific, playing around with an idea and then switching to another seemingly at random.  The main difficulty in this music is rhythm.

    The edition is very good, and the music is worth checking out.

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