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Six Pieces for Simone


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    *Contemporary Pieces.* Six simple tuneful pieces.

    1. Round Dance
    2. Russian Song
    3. Beside the Stream
    4. Dreaming
    5. Snowflakes
    6. Clapping Dance

    _AMEB Grade 1 Descant List C_

    _Score 4 pp. Part 2 pp._

    Publisher Orpheus Music ,All Publishers
    Period/Genre Australian Contemporary
    Composer First Name Suzanne
    Composer Surname Palmer-Holton
    Grade Easy - Moderate
    Instrumentation Descant + Piano
    Composer Letter P
    Composer Name Palmer-Holton - Suzanne

    OMP034 Suzanne Palmer-Holton Six pieces for Simone

    Six pieces for Simone is an attractive little suite for the beginning student.  The composer, Suzanne Palmer-Holton is a Kodaly specialist who lives in Melbourne, Australia.  Her Major focus at the Royal College of Music was early music. She composes for recorder, choir, and other instruments.  These six pieces vary in tempo, articulation and mood.  All range from low E to D, lacking F.  Two ("Round Dance" and "Clapping Dance") have a strong Major feeling, with G as their tonal centre.  The others ("Russian Song, "Beside the Stream", "Dreaming", and "Snowflakes") are centred either on E or A, suggesting in each case the minor mode.  Rhythms are easy, meters regular, phrasing and articulation are clear.  A little variety in form provides interest: "Russian Song" is written in three-measure phrases; "Beside the Stream" in two-measure phrases and "Dreaming" in phrases that switch from two to three to four to two measures - obviously an irregular eleven-measure piece.  The piano accompaniment is easy enough for most young piano students to play.

    Virginia Ebinger, American Recorder, January 2002

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