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Treble + Accompaniment

Sechs neue Sonaten fur Altblockflote und Basso continuo


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    *Six Traditional Baroque Sonatas.* Numbers 1-3 are included in this volume. These sonatas are part of an undated 18th century manuscript kept in the Bibliotheque du Conservatoire in Brussels. These sonatas are authentic compositions for transverse flute. They have been transposed up a minor third for performance on Treble recorder.

    *Sonata in g minor TWV 41:e11*
    1. Andante
    2. Grave
    3. Tempo di Menuet

    *Sonata in B Major TWV 41:g11*
    1. Lentement
    2. Vite
    3. Grave
    4. Gay

    *Sonata in g minor TWV 41:e10*
    1. Andante
    2. Allegro
    3. Largo
    4. Vivace

    _Score 24 pp. Parts 8-12 pp._

    Arranger Martin Nitz
    Period/Genre Baroque
    Composer First Name Georg Philipp
    Composer Surname Telemann
    Grade Moderate - Difficult
    Instrumentation Treble Recorder with Continuo

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