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Treble + Accompaniment

24 Sonatas volume 4.


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    *Six Classical Sonatas.* Four page Trill chart included for the Treble recorder. Eight page Preface in German and English with key signature examples, temperament and fingering and definitions of word meanings with interpretaton of each Sonata and movement in English and Japanese.

    1. *Sonata No. 19 in A Major* "Adagio/Allegro/Vivace/Largo/Allegro/Giga/Allegro"

    2. *Sonata No. 20 in A minor* "Adagio/Allemanda/Cantabile/Vivace/Adagio/ Corrente/Giga/Gavotte/Allegro"

    3. *Sonata No. 21 in B flat Major* "Adagio/Allegro/Vivace/Largo/Giga/Allegro/Allegro"

    4. *Sonata No. 22 in B flat minor* "Cantabile/Allemande/Allegro/Largo/Allegro/Corrente/Vivace/Giga/Gavotte/Allegro"

    5. *Sonata No. 23 in B Major* "Preludio/Allegro/Allemande/Allegro/Corrente/Allegro/Giga/Menuet"

    6. *Sonata No. 24 in B minor* "Adagio/Allemanda/Allegro/Vivace/Corrente/Largo/Allegro/Giga/Menuet"

    _Score 100 pp. Parts 25-28 pp._

    Period/Genre Classical
    Composer First Name J.C.
    Composer Surname Schickhardt
    Grade Difficult - Very Difficult
    Instrumentation Treble Recorder with Continuo

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