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    *Contemporary Piece with Ten Variations*

    1. Andante semplice
    2. Var. I, Allegro
    3. Var. II, Andante esoressivo
    4. Var. III, Alla marcia
    5. Var. IV, Andante espressivo
    6. Var. V, Tacet
    7. Var. VI, Poco adagio, espressivo
    8. Var VII, Molto vivace
    9. Var. VIII, Andante con moto
    10. Var. IX, Lento
    11. Var. X, Finale (Presto)

    _AMEB Licentiate List D Treble_

    _Score 25 pp. Part 7 pp._

    Period/Genre 20th Century
    Composer First Name Gordon
    Composer Surname Jacob
    Grade Difficult - Very Difficult
    Instrumentation Treble Recorder with Piano

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