Leaves Fall, Winter Comes


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Orpheus Music

Composer: Bousted - Donald

Instrumentation: Treble + Piano or Harpsichord

Period/genre: Contemporary

Grade: Difficult

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*Five Contemporary Pieces.* Moderately easy character pieces. A fairly tricky keyboard part gives added aural complexity.

1. Looking at a Van Gogh
2. Summer~~~~~s Outing
3. Driving Home in the Rain
4. Lime-Green Medicine
5. Procession of the Yellow Feet

_Score 11 pp._

_Trinity London 2017-2020 Recorder Syllabus Treble  Grade 1 Group A_

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  • OMP076 Donald Bousted Leaves Fall: Winter Comes

    Donald Bousted is no stranger writing for the recorder (see Cinnamon Sticks Nov 2000) having worked in collaboration with Australian/English player Peter Bowman and Kathryn Bennett's on a number of works, including compositions for microtonal recorder.

    These five pieces are of moderate easy level gr 1 - 3 AMEB.

    In the first piece, Looking at a Van Gogh, the alto part explores the G Major scale within the range of one octave.  The jaunty jig rhythm is complemented by a rhythmically sophisticated piano part with it's own unusual harmonies.

    Summer's Outing again has a modest range to pinched Bb where a poignant little melody develops around this tonality.

    Driving Home in the Rain has a beautiful legato melody for the recorder in the key of G. The piano's opening simple quaver rhythm features adventurous harmonies with a rhythmic build up towards the end. The constantly shifting modalities are evocative of raindrops streaming across the windscreen. (Better get those wiper blades checked!)

    Lime-Green Medicine is a whimsical humorous tune in Bb in 3/8 with the odd rest to keep the recorder player on their toes. It explores the relationship between the notes of the triad while a busy piano part provides all sorts of bubbling melodic and harmonic counterpoint.

    Procession of the Yellow Feet has an almost liturgical quality that reminds me of Estonian composer Arvo Pärt. You can hear the feet in the stepwise harmonic progressions and there is a quite wonderful modulation from D minor to where the piece ends a tone higher in E minor.

    This set of pieces comes highly recommended. Although the range is modest the recorder player will be musically challenged working with a keyboard player to recreate these quite wonderful little pieces of music.

    Bernard Wells, Cinnamon Sticks Vol 4, No2.

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