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Concert Repertoire for Recorder


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    *Concert Repertoire For Recorder is a collection of 27 idiomatic arrangements* and original pieces for beginner to Grade 4 player, with piano accompaniment, selected and edited by Sally Adams. From Handel to Beethoven, Telemann to Schumann and original pieces by Sally Adams, Ned Bennett, Walter Bergmann, Doris Da Costa, David Gordon and Sarah Watts. These pieces are guaranteed to be a real hit on the concert platform!

    Note this collection has music for descant and treble recorder.

    **ABRSM selected piece (Recorder from 2008):

    Polka (Anon. Czech)

    Gavotte (Handel)

    Babiole (Naudot)

    Pony Trot (Bergmann)

    Andante (from Partita No. 1) or Pastourelle (Telemann)

    Hornpipe (Bergmann)

    Romance (Schumann)

    **Trinity College London selected pieces (Recorder 2012-2014):

    Pony Trot (Bergmann)

    Gavotte (Handel)

    Babiole (Naudot)

    Andante from Partita no. 1 (Telemann)

    Collapso (Bennett)

    To Chloe (Mozart)

    Monday Blues (Da Costa)

    Yes, but No (Da Costa)

    Romance (Schumann)

    _Score 31 pp. Part 16 pp._

    Arranger Sally Adams
    Period/Genre Various
    Composer First Name Various
    Grade Easy - Moderate
    Instrumentation Treble and soprano recorder with piano accompaniment

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