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    16 Easy to Intermediate Pieces from 18th-century France. The title of this album derives from the vaudeville, a light song in which new words were given to an existing tune, and from the minuet, the principal ballroom dance at the time. A delightful collection for Treble recorder (or violin) with keyboard and optional cello (CD included). Contents:

    1. Marche pour les matelots (Marin Marais)

    2. Air (Joeseph Bodin de Boismortier)

    3. Rondeau (Boismortier)

    4. Brunette 'Je suis charme d'une une brune' (Michel Pinolet de Monteclair)

    5. Gigues 1 & 2 (Michel Corrette)

    6. Vaudeville (Corrette)

    7. Le Menuet a 4-6 coupe (collected by Charles Nicolas Le Clerc)

    8. La chapeliere (collected by Le Clerc)

    9. Les Graces et l'enjouement (collected by Le Clerc)

    10. La chasse galante (collected by Le Clerc)

    11. Gavotte and Air (Pierre de Lagarde)

    12. Branle de Metz (collected by Le Clerc)

    13. Airs 1 & 2 (Jean Joseph de Mondonville)

    14. Contresdanses 1 & 2 (Mondonville)

    15. Air (Mondonville)

    16. Marche (Mondonville)

    _Score 36 pp_

    _ABRSM Descant Syllabus 2018-2021 Grade 1, Grade 2,  Grade 3, Grade 4, Grade 5 _

    Publisher All Publishers
    Arranger Jeremy Barlow
    Period/Genre Classical
    Grade Easy - Moderate
    Instrumentation Treble (Violin) + accompaniment
    Grading 1 - 5
    Composer Letter V
    Composer Name Various
    Sheet Music Categories Solo
    Instruments Tr+accom

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