Trio Sonata in D minor


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Composer: Quantz - Johann Joachim

Instrumentation: 2 Trebles + Basso Continuo

Period/genre: Baroque

Grade: Moderate - Difficult

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Johann Joachim Quantz; 30 January 1697 – 12 July 1773) was a German composer, flutist and flute maker of the late Baroque period. Much of his professional career was spent in the court of Frederick the Great. Quantz composed hundreds of flute sonatas and concertos, and wrote On Playing the Flute, an influential treatise on flute performance. His works were known and appreciated by Bach, Haydn and Mozart.

*Baroque Trio Sonata.* Includes preface.

1. Grave
2. Presto
3. Grave
4. Vivace

_Score 22 pp. Parts 4 pp._

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