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The Baroque Solo Book


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    *The Essential 18th Century Unaccompanied Repertoire for Treble Recorder.* This would have to be one of the most comprehensive collections of 18th Century flute music to be found. There are thorough notes by the editor as to performance and changes to any of the works.


    1. Select Preludes and Voluntaries for the Flute (1708)
    _AMEB Grade 4 Treble List A [Nos 2, 15, or 23]_
    _AMEB Grade 5 Treble List A [Nos 8 or 24]_
    _AMEB Grade 6 Treble List A [Nos 10 or 26]_
    _AMEB Grade 7 Treble List A [Nos 9 or 22]_

    2. Preludes from The Division Flute (1706)

    3. Hotteterre, Preludes and Traits from L~~~~~art du Preluder (1719)
    _AMEB Grade 5 Treble List A [F maj p. 28; d min p. 42]_
    _AMEB Grade 6 Treble List A [g min p.30; a min p.33]_
    _AMEB Grade 7 Treble List A [Bflat maj p. 36; e flat minor p.45]_

    4. Telemann, 12 Fantasias (c. 1728)

    5. Braun, 18 Solos from Pieces sans Basse (1740)

    6. Quantz, Solos from the Giedde Collection

    7. JS Bach, Partita (BWV 1013)

    8. CPE Bach, Sonata (1763)

    _Sprial Bound 121 pp._

    Arranger ed. Bernard Thomas
    Period/Genre Baroque/Classical
    Composer Surname Various Baroque Composers
    Grade Moderate - Difficult - Very Difficult
    Instrumentation Treble Recorder

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