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Modern Exercises for Treble Recorder


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    ORB2017 Set Work - Palisander.

    *22 Exercises for Treble.*

    1. Portato
    2. Staccato, single tonguing
    3. High notes, study in tone production
    4. Single and double tonguing
    5. Movement of fingergroups
    6. Triads
    7. Phrasing by breathing or tonguing
    8. Legato with cross-fingerings
    9. Cross-fingerings
    10. Movement of the thumb, short tonguing
    11. Single and double tonguing
    12. Legato
    13. Legato over long phrases
    14. Staccato on low notes
    15. Wide interval leaps, soft tonguing
    16. Combination of single and double tonguing
    17. Movement of the thumb with wide interval leaps
    18. Movement of the thumb19. Legato playing with difficult fingerings, also with exceptional fingerings
    20. Chromatic movement
    21. Ornaments (on the beat)
    22. Combination of different types of articulation

    _AMEB Grade 4 AMEB Grade 5 AMEB Grade 6 Treble AMEB Grade 7 List A_

    _Part 19 pp._

    Period/Genre Contemporary
    Composer First Name Hans-Martin
    Composer Surname Linde
    Grade Moderate - Difficult
    Instrumentation Treble Recorder

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