Sixteen for Success: Studies for Treble Recorder


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    *16 Studies.* Includes composer biography and introduction. A much-needed addition to the treble repertoire that starts pre Grade 1. Good technical practice with great tunes.

    1. Moderato with Smooth Finger Changes
    2. Smooth and Flowing with a Singing Voice
    3. Fast, Cheerful and Precise
    4. Lively and Alert
    5. Slow and Mysterious with Even Tone
    6. Lively, Cheerful and Neat
    7. Sprightly with Good Contrasts
    8. Easy Going, Lazy Feel
    9. Moderate, Smooth, Little Finger for Bb
    10. Relaxed and Smooth. Scale with Sharp 4th
    11. Thoughtfully and Smoothly. White Note Scale on E
    12. Lively, Cheerful and Precise
    13. Moderato, Frim and Clear. For Eb-F and Eb-D
    14. Powerful and Confident. For the Thumb
    15. Flowing, Waltzy, for Cross Fingerings
    16. Lively, Spiky with Smooth Contrasts

    _Part 8 pp._

    Publisher All Publishers
    Period/Genre Contemporary
    Composer First Name Ross
    Composer Surname Winters
    Grade Moderate
    Composer Letter W
    Composer Name Winters - Ross

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