Advanced Recorder Technique: The Art of Playing the Recorder Vol 1: Finger and Tongue Technique


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    *Treble Technical Work.* For advanced treble players who are seeking rigorous practice material for developing their instrumental and musical skills. Includes fingering chart.

    *Topics Covered Include:*
    1. Foreword
    2. Finger Movements
    3. Articulation
    4. Scales/Arpeggios/Chromatic Scales
    5. Scales and Arpeggios in chromatic sequence
    6. Scales in Thirds
    7. Smooth Double Tonguing
    8. Virtuoso Technique in all Keys
    9. Broken Chords
    10. Trills
    11. Finger Vibrato
    12. Double Tonguing with "didll"

    _Tutor 80 pp._

    Publisher All Publishers
    Composer First Name Gudrun/Peter
    Composer Surname Heyens/Bowman
    Grade Moderate - Difficult
    Composer Letter H
    Composer Name Heyens/Bowman

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