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Descant + Accompaniment

Baroque Recorder Anthology 1


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    This *Collection of 30 Graded Baroque Works* is beautifully presented and includes comprehensive editorial notes and epilogue (in German, French and English), CD accompaniment, piano accompaniment (for most of the works) with notes and suggestions for each of the compositions.

    1. Hotteterre, "Branle"
    2. Hotteterre, "Menuett"
    3. Bach, "Mir hahn en neue Oberkeet"
    4. Blow, "Bourree"
    5. Purcell, "March"
    6. Lully, "Rondeau"
    7. van Eyck, "Bockxvoetje"
    8. van Eyck, "Onder de linde groene"
    9. Playford, "The British Toper"
    10. Daquin, "Rigaudon"
    11. van Eyck, "De zoete zoomer tijden"
    12. Handel, "Menuett"
    13. Telemann, "Rigaudon"
    14. Telemann, "Menuet"
    15. Anon., "Vain Belinda"
    16. Anon., "Don~~~~~t You Tickle"
    17. Anon., "Country Bumpkin"
    18. Peerson, "The Fall of the Leafe"
    19. Anon., "Bourree"
    20. Anon., "Fairy Dance"
    21. Anon., "The Gobbie-O"
    22. Anon., "L~~~~~Inconnu"
    23. Anon., "Contredance"
    24. Anon., "Gentille"
    25. North, "Masquerade Royale"
    26. North, "North~~~~~s Maggot"
    27. Hook, "Menuet & Trio"
    28. Purcell, "Air"
    29. Lully, "Minuet"
    30. Purcell, "Hornpipe"

    _Score 52 pp. Part 22 pp. CD._

    Arranger Peter Bowman/Gudrun Heyens
    Period/Genre Baroque
    Composer Surname Various Composers
    Grade Easy - Moderate
    Instrumentation Descant Recorder with Piano or Guitar

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