Baroque Recorder Anthology 2 (with online audio)


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Composer: Various

Arranger: Peter Bowman & Gudrun Heyens

Instrumentation: Descant + Piano or Guitar 

Period/genre: Baroque

Grade: Easy - Moderate

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This Collection of 32 Graded Baroque Works is beautifully presented and includes comprehensive editorial notes and epilogue (in German, French and English). Link to online audio recording of each piece included. Notes and suggestions for each of the compositions.

1. Telemann, "Minuet"
2. Telemann, "Rigaudon"
3. Delalande, "Passepied"
4. Bingham, "Trumpet Air"
5. Fischer, "Angloise I"
6. Fischer, "Angloise II"
7. Playford, "Red House"
8. Purcell, "Rondo"
9. Corelli, "Sarabanda"
10. Corelli, Gavotta"
11. Delalande, "Rondeau"
12. Delalande, "Gavotte"
13. Babell, "Boree"
14. Luidhens, "Corente"
15. Telemann, "Affetuoso"
16. Telemann, "Presto"
17. Carr, "Divisions upon an Italian Ground"
18. Aubert, "Two Minuets"
19. d~~~~~Hervelois, "Muzette"
20. Telemann, "A Tempo Giusto"
21. Telemann, "Tempo di Minuetto"
22. Telemann, "Allegro"
23. van Eyck, "Den Nachtegael"
24. Fischer, "Gigue"
25. Fischer, "Bouree"
26. Fischer, "Menuet en Rondeau"
27. Fischer, "Gigue"
28. Blow, "Gavotte"
29. Locke, "Sarbande"
30. Locke, "Jigg"
31. Jenkins, "The Lady Katherine Audley~~~~~s Bells"
32. van Eyck, "Postillon"

_Score 80 pp. Part 26 pp. 

_Trinity London 2017-2020 Descant Recorder Syllabus Grade 3 Group A_

_ABRSM DESCANT SYLLABUS 2018-2021 Grade 3 LIST A, Grade 4 LIST A,_

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