Recorders at Large Vol 2


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    *35 Compositions.* This publication aims to introduce ensemble compositions at a fairly simple level to students of the recorder. It includes various composers including Graham Ranft, John Baldwin, Ross Edwards, GP Telemann, Russell Gilmour, Brian Kogler, Mary Mageau, Jacques Foucart, Larry Sitsky, Barbara Strozzi, WF Bach, Henry Purcell, JS Bach, Alice Cohen, Judith Clingan, Stephanos Malikides, Ros Bandt, Simon Wade, Ian Shanahan, Diego Ortiz, Benjamin Thorn and Stephen Yates.

    This volume is sorted by the number of instruments required to play the compositions. There are duets, Trios, Quartet and solos. Also includes composer biographies, preface, introduction, brief performance notes on each piece and glossary of unusual techniques and notations.

    1. Notre Dame School, "Vite perdite"
    2. Anon, "Ductia"
    3. Thorn, "5s and 6s and 7s"
    4. Ranft, "Schnick Schnack"
    5. Baldwin, "In manus tuas Donime"
    6. Telemann, "Gigue"
    7. Gilmour, "Point III"
    8. Edwards, "Duet for Treble Recorders"

    9. Anon, "In seculum"
    10. Kogler, "Trio"
    11. Foucart, "Courante"
    12. Strozzi, "Serenata"
    13. Strozzi, "Ritornello"
    14. Gilmour, "Entr~~~~~acte"
    15. Ranft, "Hopping Blues"
    16. WF Bach, "Fugue"

    17. Purcell, "Funeral Canzona for Queen Mary"
    18. Caimo, "Piangete valli"
    19. JS Bach, "Es ist genug"
    20. Mageau, "Doubles: Aeolian Pair"
    21. Cohen, "A Medieval Dance"
    22. Mageau, "Dialogues"
    23. Clingan, "Seven Deadly Sins"
    24. Malikides, "Gliding"

    *Solos*25. Bandt, "Flight"
    26. Purcell, "Prelude"
    27. Anon, "Saltarello"
    28. Thorn, "Pype and droom and . . ."
    29. Sitsky, "Fantasia"
    30. Wade, "Turtle Beach"
    31. Shanahan, "Cathy~~~~~s Song"
    32. Shanahan, "Helical Ribbon"
    33. Ortiz, "Recercada primera"
    34. Ortiz, "Recercada segunda"
    35. Bandt, "Meditation"

    Ortiz, Recercado primera _AMEB Grade 6 Treble List B_
    Thorn, Pype and Droom _AMEB Grade 6 Descant List D_
    Ros Bandt, Flight and Meditation _AMEB Grade 6 Treble List D_
    Shanahan, Cathy~~~~~s Song _AMEB Grade 6 Treble List D_
    Wade, Turtle Beach _AMEB Grade 7 Treble List D_

    _Part 88 pp._

    Publisher All Publishers
    Period/Genre Mixed
    Composer First Name Benjamin
    Composer Surname Thorn
    Grade Moderate - Difficult
    Composer Letter T
    Composer Name Thorn - Benjamin

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