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Medieval Songs and Dances


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    *15 Songs and Dances.*

    1. Sumer is Icumen In 

    2. Ductia
    3. Villancico
    4. Estampie
    5. Winter Wie Ist Nu Dein Kraft
    6. La Septime Estampie Reale
    7. Saltarello
    8. Be M~~~~~An Perdut
    9. La Quarte Estampie Reale
    10. Lamento Di Tristano
    11. Vos N~~~~~Aler
    12. Amor Protest Conqueri
    13. Trotto
    14. Byrd One Brere
    15. La Rotta

    _Part 12 pp._

    Arranger Coles, Graham
    Period/Genre Mediaeval
    Composer Surname an anonymous composer
    Grade Moderate
    Instrumentation Descant Recorder

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