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Fun and Games with the Recorder Vol 3 Tutor


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    *A Magnificently Presented Tutor* with the younger student in mind. Follows on from volume 2 in the series. This publication is filled with colourful illustrations, pictures and games which encourage correct hand position, posture and technique right from the start. This book really makes the recorder fun.

    01. High G
    02. Low and high F sharp
    03. The scale of G Major
    04. Three-eight time and six-eight time
    05. Semiquavers
    06. The scale of d minor
    07. The scale of e minor
    08. C sharp
    09. Five-four time
    10. High A
    11. Dotted quavers
    12. High E flat
    13. Low G sharp
    14. High G sharp
    15. Low C sharp
    16. Low D sharp (E flat)
    15. If you want to go even hight...
    16. Indes of tunes
    17. Fingering chart

    _Trinity Grade 1 Group C Descant, Grade 2 Group C Descant_

    _Tutor Book 56 pp._

    Period/Genre Contemporary
    Composer Surname Engel/Heyens/Huntele/Linde
    Grade Easy
    Instrumentation Descant Recorder

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