The Dancing Master I Maggots and Marches


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Edition baroque

Composer: Playford - John

Arranger: Jorg Jacobi

Instrumentation: Descant + Continuo

Period/genre: Baroque

Grade: Moderate

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Contains 25 pieces by a collection of composers, and also included is a foreword and notes on each piece in German.

1. Duke of Malborough~~~~~s March
2. Grigg~~~~~s Maggot
3. Lord Cutti~~~~~s March
4. Coppindger~~~~~s Maggot
5. Prince Eugen~~~~~s March
6. Monk~~~~~s March, with the Wanders
7. Goodwin~~~~~s Maggot
8. Eccle~~~~~s Maggot
9. Jusper~~~~~s Maggot
10. Churchill~~~~~s March
11. Pott~~~~~s Maggot
12. Wou~~~~~d you have a young Virgin: Or, Poor Robin~~~~~s Maggot
13. The Elector~~~~~s of Hanover~~~~~s March
14. George~~~~~s Maggot
15. Ormon~~~~~s March
16. Paston~~~~~s Maggot
17. Veal~~~~~s Maggot
18. King~~~~~s Maggot: Or, New York
19. Captain Corbet~~~~~s Maggot
20. Kelway~~~~~s Maggot
21. North~~~~~s Maggot
22. Wood~~~~~s March
23. General Webb~~~~~s March
24. Blundess Maggot
25. King George~~~~~s March, and the Jigg

_Score 21 pp. Parts 8-9 pp._

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