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Descant + Accompaniment

31 Pieces of the 16th-18th centuries


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    *31 Simple Pieces*. Arranged according to headings: Tunes to play in the first octave, Tunes in the second octave, Tunes employing notes in both octaves.

    *I. Tunes in the Lower Octave*
    1. La Bergamesca
    2. The Old Man
    3. Shall I go walk the Woods so Wild
    4. Pastime with Good Company
    5. Light o~~~~~ Love
    6. Branle de L~~~~~Officiel
    7. Trumpet Tune
    8. Fortune My Foe
    9. Gavotte
    10. Belle qui tiens Ma Vie

    *II. Tunes in the Second Octave*
    1. O Mistress Mine
    2. Chorale: Aus Meines Herzens Grunde
    3. Branle Gai
    4. Woe betide the weary body
    5. Pavaniglia
    6. The Hunt is Up
    7. Triory de Bretagne
    8. Gether Your Rosebuds

    *III. Tunes employing notes from Both Octaves*
    1. Lord Zouche~~~~~s Masque
    2. Aire
    3. Morisco
    4. Branle des Chevaux
    5. Sellenger~~~~~s Round
    6. Hornpipe
    7. Scotch Brawl
    8. Menuet
    9. La Volta
    10. Greensleeves
    11. English Jig
    12. The Sick Tune
    13. John Dory

    _AMEB Grade 3 list B Descant _

    _Score 20 pp. Parts 8 pp._

    Publisher All Publishers
    Period/Genre Baroque
    Composer Surname Various Composers
    Grade Moderate
    Instrumentation Descant Recorder with Piano
    Composer Letter V

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