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Blockflote Boodie Encore!


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    *Ten Jazzy Encore Pieces!*. This publication is packed with great solos, duets and quartets with Piano. The works are quite syncopated but the notes used are not difficult. Some of the works go into challenging time signatures, for example 7/8. Most of the pieces have an opportunity for improvisation and notes that work in the key are listed to assist with the player~~~~~s invention.

    1. Playin~~~~~ Jazz (Descant & Piano)
    2. I Like Eating Toast and Jam (Descant & Piano)
    3. Swim Like a Shark (Descant & Piano)
    4. Walk that Bass (Descant & Piano)
    5. All Around the G Scale (4 Descants & Piano)
    6. Lizzie~~~~~s Lullaby (Descant & Piano)
    7. Ronckin~~~~~ About (2 Descants & Piano)
    8. Daisies (Descant & Piano)
    9. Sevens (Descant & Piano)
    10. Swingin~~~~~ High(Descant & Piano)

    _Score 19 pp. Part 10 pp._

    Period/Genre Contemporary
    Composer First Name Andy
    Composer Surname Meyers
    Grade Moderate
    Instrumentation Descant Recorder(s) with Piano

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