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Baroque Pieces Tada Series 6


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    *24 Well Known Baroque Works* arranged for Treble Recorder and Guitar. Includes explanation of ornaments.

    1. CPE Bach, "Polonaise" 
    2. CPE Bach, "Siciliano" 
    3. CPE Bach, "Vivace" 
    4. JS Bach, "Aria" 
    5. JS Bach, "Aria" 
    6. JS Bach, "Aria" 
    7. JS Bach, "Menuet" 
    8. JS Bach, "Menuet" 
    9. JS Bach, "Menuet" 
    10. JS Bach, "Courante"
    11. F Couperin, "Les Coucous benevoles"
    12. F Couperin, "L~~~~~Enjouee"
    13. F Couperin, "La Frenesie, ou le Desespoir"
    14. F Couperin, "Rondeau"
    15. Handel, "Air"
    16. Handel, "Menuetto"
    17. Handel, "Sarabande"
    18. Handel, "Gigue"
    19. Handel, "Gigue"
    20. Handel, "Allegro"
    21. Telemann, "Fantasia"
    22. Telemann, "Fantasia"
    23. Telemann, "Fantasia"
    24. Telemann, "Fantasia"

    _Score 50 pp. Part 15 pp._

    Publisher All Publishers
    Period/Genre Baroque
    Composer Surname Various Baroque Composers
    Grade Moderate - Difficult
    Composer Letter V

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