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Lucky Thirteen: Studies for Descant Recorder


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    *13 Studies.* Includes composer biography and introduction. Builds on technique absorbed in Book 1 (PRW12) aimed roughly at Grades 4 to 5. The titles give an idea of the musical or technical intention behind each piece, and includes notes on each piece.

    1. Fairground Riddles
    2. Perfect those 5ths
    3. Chase those Chromatics
    4. A Smooth Customer
    5. Lick that tonguing
    6. All Fingers and Thumbs
    7. Medley of Scales
    8. Seventh Heaven
    9. Tongue Tester
    10. Trickling Trills
    11. Twos and Threes
    12. Sharp Practice
    13. All Change

    _Part 8 pp._

    Period/Genre Contemporary
    Composer First Name Ross
    Composer Surname Winters
    Grade Moderate
    Instrumentation Descant Recorder

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